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Living Despite him

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Salutations readers,

My name is Edouard Scott. Well my actual name actually, I changed it once every century. Georgie Giffard… Irving goddard… Drake Adams and maybe many more. But how’s that possible? Oh right I forgot to tell you hum I am kinda a non killed guy. Yep that’s right like an immortal.

I’ve been on earth since a very very very very long time. I have gained thru history countless of knowledge. I have met hundreds of historical people such as Hitler, Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Jacques Cartier, and even helped Graham Bell.

I have gained perception from the life we live and all. Life … such a beautiful life but once it turns too long, like an eternity, well it’s kinda boring if I must say. It gets kinda sad too , seeing all your kids growing up, your wifes , assisting countless funerals. It’s been since 1618 I’ve seen I was not like the others. I’ve been trying countless of experimentation and research about what happened and one day I will find what caused this godly gift and undo this fantasy dream. My friends, I can tell you threw out history, that we have a very very long road with my life filled with mystery and … action

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Shyendra Gopal
3 years ago

Indeed an interesting story. Started reading but ran out of credits. Sorry. Wish I could have completed it.

5 years ago

This is such an interesting story.

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