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  • A Conversation with the Devil

    Short Story

    A Conversation with the Devil

    Genre: flash fiction
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    Whispers Through Curtains

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    Seeking Redemption

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    Dancing in the rain

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A Conversation with the Devil

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Short story


Herbert Jacks sat in the waiting room, reading the local newspaper left by the last patient. He always forgot to bring materials. His therapist was always late.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It meant they were taking their time and doing their job well. However, it also meant he had to sit with his self-perceived crazy that much longer and thus, made him antsy. He adjust seats and seating positions multiple times while he waited. Flipping through the paper and reading the articles detailing the dismal state of the world and the people running it.

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Tara Nixon
1 month ago

I havent finished yet, but the premise is interesting to say the least. I like how it’s kinda ambiguous where your protagonist is concerned. Is it all in his head? Or did he really meet the Devil?

Glendola George
5 months ago

This was a really nice read, my attention was kept from start to finish. Great Story!

1 year ago

Interesante!!!! Nice !!!

Urooj Aslam
1 year ago

An amazing read, I loved the psychological effect in the story. You can continue with it and I am sure it will be super.

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