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Read, Write And Get Paid For Short Stories, a UK start-up based in Manchester lets you read, write and get paid for short stories. is an online platform to read short stories, write your own story and get paid for every chapter each time it is read by a new person.

The rationale behind this is to encourage people to start reading again with short stories they can start to finish at a go, in the bus, in the train, on a coffee break e.t.c welcome people of all works of life all around the world. Penpee does not reject any story as long as it is not plagiarize. With everyone having an equal opportunity to express themselves through creativity. What penpee does however is classify stories based on standard and grammatical context. They will apply quality standard filter to every story from A, A+ to D. With an A+ rating indicating the top most level of professionalism and quality of the writer’s work. So if you are not comfortable reading stories rated C or D, you can use the filter.

Writers can publish stories that consist up to 12,000 words, spanning a maximum of 10 chapters, depending on membership plan and will be paid when readers finish each chapter. This means that authors earn money by the chapter and not by the story, so they get to have the flexibility to upload chapters at their own pace.

This is how it works:

November 19, 2018

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