Profile Photo lets you read and write short stories for money, like an Airbnb for writers.

A platform that allows you to write short stories for money, like an Airbnb for writers.

Everyday, for each and every one of us, there are new events that could be another narrative. We tell them in different ways that serve a purpose, via gossip, phone conversation, as social media post or even document them as stories.

While the experienced and professionals among us are able to spin their narratives into a novel, biography, or a drama, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, most of us have not been lucky enough, even though we tried.

Not everyone will be a J.K Rowling or the next Jeffery Archer or Danielle Steel, but what does that matter when we have passion for writing?

The concept of penpee is for short stories you can start and finish at leisure anywhere-On coffee breaks, during toilet breaks, waiting on a meeting, during short and long travel, in bed waiting to sleep off e.t.c., creates the next commercial opportunity for everyone that sees themselves as a writer and a story-teller. sees itself as the airbnb of this space, creating an opportunity where there existed none in its form before it. For the professionals to the amateur to the aspiring writer who would love an opportunity to publish their work. It is described simply as a platform to read, write, and get paid for short stories. In simplicity, it allows everyone to write short stories for money.

It is a simple and straight forward model that gives rewards to writers every time someone new read a chapter of their story. This reward is known as credits. It works by giving every new member a welcome credits which is then charged as they read your story and split between the platform and the writers. The credits, when given to writers is then converted to cash which can be deposited into their bank accounts in over 35 supporting countries or PayPal.

There is an extended social element to it: To connect with writers, invite friends to read your stories, see who viewed your profile and all sorts of different things.

But one important feature is its leaderboard, which is used to reward writers, whose stories are read most each month, with cash bonuses. A premium writer can earn from £35 to £300 bonus on the leaderboard each month. This payout is adjusted from time to time based on competitions and other factors. A basic writer will earn fairly less on the leaderboard.

To be able to earn on the leaderboard, you must be in the challenge group. It is a private group which is only open to the basic and premium writer membership. A starter is refused membership in the group, although their is a way around this. Read on. platform offers free to paid memberships. Its free membership is called the Starter, which rewards writers with 45% commission for each chapter of their story that is read. A starter is allowed to write one story per month. This membership type is common with the ordinary man who just have a flair for writing or someone wanting to gauge the extent of reach of the platform or just wanting to test it out. The starter will not appear on the leaderboard, cannot earn on the leaderboard, and it requires them to have earned a reader’s token before they too can post their stories.

Next is the basic membership that costs £3.99 every six months and would earns 55% commission for each chapter of their stories that is read. This is common with aspiring writers who would love an opportunity to publish their work. The basic writer has more opportunities than the starter but significantly far less than the premium. They can write an unlimited number of stories per month.They can also join the challenge group and earn on the leaderboard, although, what they earn is significantly less than what a premium writer will earn for the same exposure on the leaderboard. For example, if a basis writer will earn 50 pence for each day they appear on the leaderboard, a premium writer will earn £1.50 for same exposure.

The Premium writer cost £6.99 every six months. Premium writers earn 70% commission for each chapter of their story that is read. Premium writers are added to the challenge group and earn significantly higher bonus on the leaderboard. A premium writer can also invite someone with a starter status to the challenge group provided they are connected first on the platform as friends. When a starter is invited to the challenge group, they earn same commission as a basic writer whenever they appear on the leaderboard. Such starter will be removed from the group at the end of the month and will require another invitation, just as before, from a premium member. This gives the premium writer and influencer status. And like the basic writer, a premium writer can also post unlimited number of short stories per month.

A starter writer and basic writers can post short stories up to a maximum of 7200 words while a premium writer can write up to 12,000 words per story.

Whenever a member reads up to 80% of a story, they earn the reader’s token. A member with a starter status will require reader’s tokens before they can post their story. While a reader’s token is not a prerequisite for basic and premium writers to post stories, a reader’s token is required before anyone can enter a short story contest on

The platform is currently running a promotion which allows everyone to qualify for one year of FREE premium membership when they write three complete short stories in a month. This promo is only running for a short period and can be withdrawn at any time. Although does not specify when at this time.

Update 06/04/2018: Due to popular request, this promo has been extended until further notice.

It is fun to get paid to write short stories only publishes short stories.

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September 21, 2018

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