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Introducing Writers Bonus Fund. – The creative community like Netflix for the global network of writers and readers to make money from their short stories, blogs and articles, is experimenting with writers bonus fund.

Writers Bonus Fund -WBF will provide an additional support to writers whose stories were read in the month.  

The fund value for the month which is the maximum possible distribution for that month is based on a number of factors such as the total number of subscriptions for the month. 

Each writer’s share will be based on the qualified pages of their stories read in that period and their membership type, in relation to the total number of all stories read by all members in the same period. 

Identified inauthentic activities will adversely affect a writer’s bonus with a possible suspension for red flag. 

Everyone whose stories were read will qualify for the bonus irrespective of their membership type.  

Bonus pot is not your writer earnings but an added bonus to your earnings.  

The maximum possible bonus fund for February is £500. 


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