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Get Paid To Write Short Stories

Get Paid To Write Short Stories with Advance Content Earning for Writers.

Introducing Advance Content Earning for writers at The online platform to read, write & get paid for short stories., the online platform to read, write and get paid for short stories, like Airbnb for writers launches Advance Content Earning. to advance payment to writers.

ACE (Advance Content Earning), is a smart advance payment initiative for writers.

With ACE, writers can request an advance payment, which will be deductible on future earnings without additional interest or commission. will be deducting a certain percentage of the advance on future earnings until it has been paid up completely. This means, despite the advance, writers will continue to earn commission on their stories.

To be eligible for ACE, writer must be subscribed to the Premium membership and must have been Premium member for at least 3 months.

With ACE, writers can receive up to 10 times multiple of their current earnings. Amongst other factors to consider will include the writer’s Engagement, Network Strength, Group Talk Activities, and Number of Existing Stories.

With more than 5000 and growing community, the platform is also looking for partners who believe in their vision to help grow the business further, with an agressive aim for at least 50,000 members in the next few years. Read more about Partnership with Penpee creates the next commercial opportunity for everyone that sees themselves as a writer and a story-teller. We see ourself as the airbnb of this space, creating an opportunity where there existed none in its form before it. For the professionals to the amateur to the aspiring writer who would love to write Short stories. is a platform to read, write, and get paid for short stories. Quick short stories you can start to finish in a sitting.


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