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Free book cover designs

Get your free story cover image. will create a free basic cover image for your short story.


We ask writers about their biggest challenges in publishing their stories, cover image top the list and many of you agreed. Infact, you would not have been reading this if you didn’t agree too.

So going forward, we are here to help you create basic cover images for your short stories to be published at

If you are a Free member we will create a cover image for your short story, in exchange we will take two reader’s tokens from you. Premium members do not require reader’s tokens to request cover images and they can request up to 10 story cover images in a month for free.

These basic cover images will be designed using readily available templates and stock images.

For more advanced custom made cover images, we will charge £5 per cover image with up to 3 revisions.

Designing your own cover image:

If you wish to design your own cover image, note that for a story cover to meet our standard, the width would normally be smaller than the height. Width ratio to height should be at minimum: W1:H1.6. And the title of your story and your name should be clearly written on the story cover. Weight of the cover should ideally not be more than 300KB, although we can reduce your cover weight when reviewing your story.

Our recommended cover image size is 250px (width) 400px (height) but whatever size cover image you use, make sure that the width is at least 250px.

To make  a request send a message to with the subject line: story cover. If you are a free member, please ensure that you have enough reader’s tokens before you can request a book cover.


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