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Credit and readers token

Credit and Reader’s token


Some stories are free to read and you require credits to read others. Each day you login, you will receive 1 free daily login credit and up to a maximum of 20 accumulated free credits in a month. In addition to the free daily login credit, Penpee Prime members will also receive 50 free credits each month.

You will earn free credits when you invite friends and you can buy more credits through your dashboard. Learn more about Credits


Important: Credits are not reader’s tokens. You earn and can buy credits to read stories while reader’s tokens cannot be bought or sold. They are free and can only be earned when you have read at least 80% of a completed paid story.  Reader’s tokens cannot be used to read stories. You will need one reader’s token for each paid story you wish to publish.


All writers require one reader’s token each time they wish to publish a story.

Reader’s tokens may be required to submit an entry into a contest. Reader’s tokens cannot be bought or sold. You earn them when you read 80% of a completed story. Typically, these stories will have Reader’s token label on the cover image.


Writers who have not earned enough reader’s tokens to publish their story can purchase a story pass.


Story passes are passes that buy you access to publish your stories where you have not earned enough reader’s tokens to do so. One story pass is equivalent to one reader’s token. Each story pass costs £3.


  • Read 80% of a completed story to earn a reader’s token
  • You will need one reader’s token for each story you wish to publish.
  • All writers need two reader’s tokens to feature a story.
  • Sometimes, writers may require reader’s tokens to enter a contest.

Creative value credits (CrVC):

The creative value credits are in a block of 15 credits, which are free and are issued to anyone at their request. It can be requested only once in a 30-day period to support your reading and is subject to account review. You can request the Creative value credits CrVC by talking to a member representative in the live chat. Read more about creative value credits

Buying credits:

Additional credits are available from 50 credits for £1 , an equivalent of 0.02 pence/Credit in your dashboard. The cost of credits are carefully modelled to create a balance between value and affordability.


Credits are used to read stories. Only credits earned by writers when their stories are read are automatically converted into cash and will reflect in their account balance.

  • 3 credits = 6pence £0.06
  • 1 credit = 2 pence £0.02
  • 500 credits = £10

Only writers can withdraw money. Minimum of £5

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