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Creative value credit – The Online Platform to Read, Write and Earn Royalty for Your Short Stories like Airbnb for Writers Introduces Creative Value Credits. works by letting readers give up to 3 credits to writers for each page and up to 10 pages of their short stories that are read. These credits are converted to cash and can be withdrawn by the writers only into PayPal or bank accounts in supporting countries around the world.


Daily credits have been discontinued and replaced with creative value credits (CrVC)


“We have allowed everyone to earn one daily complementary credit each day that they login to their account in the last two years but, going forward, the daily credits have been scrapped and replaced with creative value credits.” Said the founder, T.J. Penpee.


The creative value credits are in a block of 10 credits which is free and is issued only on request. It can be requested only once in a 30-day period to support your reading and is subject to account review.


Credits given to pages where credits are required to continue reading a story has increased from three to four credits for specific pages.


Additional credits are available at 50 credits for £1 , an equivalent of 0.02pence/Credit in your dashboard. The cost of credit is carefully modeled to create a balance between value and affordability. The platform takes the society’s less privileged into consideration when modelling the CrVC and credit rates in order to give an equal opportunity without anyone feeling the restriction to read or showcase their creativity through writing. Everyone will be able to earn the royalty they deserve for their story in a world where more than 800 million people daily couldn’t afford a $2 square meal. In our society where writers are constantly been forced to accept narrower margins by traditional publishers.


Whether this earning is a major source of income to you or supplements your existing source of income, is modeled to make everyone feel included.


Members can request the Creative value credits CrVC by talking to a member representative in the live chat on the site –

January 7, 2019


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