Taking a leaf from, In 2009, Tijan Penpee launched as UK’s first and only platform to rent textbooks. Highly praised and recommended by higher institutions as an alternative to Amazon and also cited in the media.


Faced with challenges from textbook publishers such as Pearson, we decided to re purpose and in August 2017, for short stories was launched.


The connection between our past, now and into the future is providing a meaningful service that benefits everyone. is a platform that allows you to write short stories for money, like an Airbnb for writers


Penpee creates the next commercial opportunity for everyone that sees themselves as a writer and a story-teller. sees itself as the airbnb of this space, creating an opportunity where there existed none in its form before it. For the professionals to the amateur to the aspiring writer. It is described simply as a platform to read, write, and get paid for short stories.


We are looking for partners and opportunities to grow our business further.


We are particularly interested in partners that share our vision, feel the excitement and have valuable resources to drive one of the most innovative sites on the internet to the next stage. If you fit the narratives, we’ll like to hear from you. Introduce yourself to our corporate department.


For corporate, please send an email with the subject line – Corporate to [email protected]

Our address:

Penpee Ltd
5 Oakbank
M9 5YA
Manchester, UK.

CEO, founder, T.J Penpee


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