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This is a typical African/Nigerian story ,it simply shows what a young Nigerian has to go through to get a job after graduation from university, the struggle to get a job, the demands that comes with keeping a job you have and finally things you have done in the past that will forever hunt you in you place of work,one night stands that you wish you had not done.this story is highly suspense filled and educative.


Olatunji Cole had to go through emotional and physical stress to get a job after his graduation from school,but luck shine on him when he finally got a job at a big firm, it was the happiest moment of his life as most of his troubles were gone away,

He was made the personal assistant to Mr Shittu ,who was one of the directors of the company,they both got along well as his boss really liked him but trouble started when Tunji found out that his boss wife was a girl he was once accused of raping back in school Opeyemi

She wasn’t just the boss wife she was in fact the heir to the company as it was owned by her late dad

Now Tunji has to deal with the possibility of getting sacked as well as finding out if there was a child between them

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  1. I would like to see more.

    I am interested in knowing what happens.

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