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Theodosia Aliston, wife of South Carolina Governor Joseph Aliston and daughter of Aaron Burr, boarded S.S. Patriot at the port of Charleston, bound for New York to visit her father. Patriot vanished, never to be heard from again, and Aliston never got over the loss of his only true love.


Try as he might, as he held her hands and stared down into her eyes, he could not shake the feeling of dread. She’d wanted to go by stagecoach, but his advisors had convinced him that sailing would be safer and far more comfortable. “There’s nothing to worry about,” she’d said. “I shall be back before you know it.” Of course she would, he tried to convince himself. But, why, oh why, did he feel the cold creeping down his spine as she lightly kissed his cheek and turned to walk up the gangplank?

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  1. Your story its sweet. I really liked it, although the description made me think it was something more about time travelling, haha.

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