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Growing up in the piney woods of East Texas in the 1950s, children were often treated to scary stories about the ‘haints’ that lurked in the dark pine forests, waiting to snare any wayward ‘young’un’ who refused to heed the warnings of his or her elders.

No one has ever come up with incontrovertible proof of the existence of ghosts, but enough doubt hangs in the air to make the old folks’ claims hard to debunk.

When a headstrong young man, against his grandmother’s advice, goes out late one night, and gets up to shenanigans near the graveyard, on his way home, he sees and hears things that give him pause. Are ghosts real? Or was it a figment of his overactive, youthful imagination?

Will he ever know?

Story content

Chapter 1
Arguing with Granny Details 00:04:00
Chapter 2
The Fireworks Details 00:05:00
Chapter 3
Whistling Past the Graveyard Details 00:04:00
Chapter 4
What The—-? Details 00:04:00

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