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My mother Onome never knew marital bliss after marrying my father. Daily I watched as he abused her constantly.  Everyone in the neighbourhood knew my father to be a wife beater. He came home very late every night in the guise of working late in the office. He was feared greatly by us his children and his wife my mother. He was worshipped like a lord in the house. My mother loved him dearly and did everything possible to make their union work. He made her feel less of herself. She would please him before anyone else.

A lot of African woman are passing through quite a lot in their homes because they were raised to believe that they have to remain in marriage no matter how bad their husbands treats  them.  Some men cease the opportunity to abuse them physically and emotionally. They die in silence with no one to fight for them and their children watch in frustration as their mother is been abused. Most times the women remain because of their children; they dread broken home. They would rather suffer the abuse rather than let people around judge them for leaving their partner. They will rather please culture and not themselves.

Status: This story is not complete, it is still ongoing

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Chapter 1
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 5
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Chapter 6
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Chapter 7
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  1. Nice one, and I will request that we all read it especially the men. Cant wait to read the next chapter

  2. This is true for women all over. Abuser and society makes the wife guilty with victim shaming.
    This story gives voice to centuries-old​ silence of abused women

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