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If you want to have a good laugh over comic and humorous erotic tales, this book is for you.

This story is about the sexual experiences of Mr. Randy Man. He narrates in a blunt, thrilling and humorous manner about the good, bad and the ugly experiences he had while having casual sex with various women.

He then discusses about a wide range of other sexual issues, his sexual challenges, the female anatomy, sexual morality, and a host of other interesting topics.

Story content

Chapter 1
My First Time 00:00:00
Chapter 2
2. What Condom Can Do, Nylon Can Do Better 00:00:00
Chapter 3
3. Wanking: Good Or Bad? 00:00:00
Chapter 4
4. Cameroon Pepper 00:00:00
Chapter 5
5. Same Pussy, Different Shapes 00:00:00

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