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The ‘lad’ was always touting for odd jobs, glad of a pound or two.  With the money in his pocket, he made straight for the local health store.  Nobody really knew his name or much about him. He was called the ‘lad’ but really he was not so young, probably around thirty.

One summer day he made for the health store as usual to feed his addiction to the golden capsules in a bottle and took them back to his pad, a draughty shack where holes in the window panes were stuffed with clothes. He waited for the sun to shine as the forecast promised.

Next morning, the sun shone  brightly through his dirty window and he prepared himself for his customary sun ritual and stretched himself out to wallow in its heat.

But something strange possessed the sun that day and matters got out of hand.

The police and fire-fighters were mystified as to what had caused the fire and even considered sponteneous combustion though they dismissed it as absurd. Having put out the fire, they left the scene puzzled. They had, at least discovered his name: I.K.Russ! However, when they had all gone, the fire had not done.

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  1. Getting started

    I am only just getting started with this story…

  2. Cool

    This was an interesting read. One that I’d like to know more of.

  3. A schorcher of a tale.

    Sunstroke is a terrific little story, full of ideas and surprises. Well worth the read. With a little editing this could be a competition winner.
    I use ProWritingAid (there is a free trial version) and it just gives the writer an extra edge. But I loved this story all the same.

  4. Love the sun referce

    I think this is great keep up the good work reminds me of the stories like testament and book of the dead kinda thing it seems fitting that you would put so much weight on the sun and what not as our ancestors did the sun is quite a object and I thing every child should think for themselves and work hard even at a young age and learn the value of money and teachings of capitalism and earning off the sweat and toil in the soil as it were. Id like to see you take it in a new directions if it were maybe a supernatural direction or aliens or something maybe a matrix type thing.

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