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Sometimes when I go online, I see people create posts about how they have been unable to get a job for a year or two and they have become so tired of life to the point that they want to commit suicide. Then they start begging people to help them with even menial jobs or money to set up a kiosk so that they can ‘survive’. These are able bodied people who are graduates and have got skills.

What about me? Four years after school, I’ve got nothing concrete doing due to disadvantages that aren’t my fault. So why haven’t I gone online to beg strangers to give me job? How have I been surviving all the years? Why haven’t I committed suicide? I hope you’re getting my point now. I have gone four years without a stable means of income, yet some folks have barely gone a year and they get so freaked up to the point of running online to beg. That’s very sad and pathetic.

My purpose of writing this memoir is to encourage and give hope to the hopeless and jobless job hunting guys out there and other folks who have similar challenges I’m having too. This is not fiction. Everything here is 100% real. Somewhere along the line, I might sound somehow ‘hopeless’ but you should overlook that as it’s fairly normal when talking about tough situations one have gone through. The crux is… if I have endured all these without going bunkers, you too can pull through without breaking into pieces.

With due regards to Chapter 11…  When James O. put the Facebook status about Scambassy’s membership card, as someone who is always straightforward, I put up a short comment about my experience with the church. Becky later sent a P.M expressing shock that “such arangee miracles really exist”. Then I felt an overwhelming desire to write something again. I promised her I’ll write a memoir about it.

Initially, I didn’t know where to start until I saw the two years old Keystone Bank thread on nairaland and began to recall my job hunting experiences. I thought about the GNLD guy and somehow compared him to Scambassy people. So I started typing. I felt very uneasy at first about typing out all these personal stuffs for the world to see but then I remembered Adam’s being ashamed of himself before his creator… I mean, nothing hidden will remain hidden forever. We are all going to give account of how we lived our lives, everything we did and every thought we thought anyway. So I typed on and over time, the feeling of shame went away.

Many people think I’m weird. They don’t understand why I came up with something, why I did this or didn’t do that. Every time, I have to go an extra mile to make myself clear before people will understand. Sometimes I feel good to go the extra mile but some other time, I wonder if I’m from Jupiter, that’s why folks can’t understand simple things about me. So… I decided to put some of the facts here.

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Chapter 1
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2. About me Details 00:00:00
Chapter 3
3. Useless Tests & Interviews Details 00:00:00
Chapter 4
4. To Be Certified or Not Be Certified Details 00:00:00

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  1. Bit of Situational Horror there i thinik

    I found this read a bit well bland and repetitive the character seemed not to grow as a individual or do anything to really change his environment and looked like he had more of a mentality that is a product of common core education that the 60s education system generates in today millennials for the most part great on him on keep on trying to follow the tried and true method and continually looking for work in the market. I say if you cant find a job create one like picking up recyclables for the deposit extra cant rely on a corrupt country to provide for you everything.

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