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Love is a great gift of God – a heavenly touch on earth. Love can happen with anyone anywhere and anytime. It is natural. Love never discriminates rich-poor, black-white. Love is love.¬†¬†Love is blind. When, where and how it will happen we don’t know. It is having a heavenly touch. It is pure in nature and very close to heart. It does not discriminate rich-poor or black-white. It can happen with anyone. You will remain unaware about its origin. Once it happens your heart will always miss that person – even you cannot live a normal life without that person. It is selfless and unconditional and it has no barrier. Love is eternal.

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  1. Interesting beginning - needs some editing

    An interesting story that makes you want to know more about what happens to the characters. A number of typos and grammatical gaffes, though, that tend to detract a bit from the reading experience.

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