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When the summer air finally reached in New England, it was like everyone forgot how to dress.  New England is known for the weather being bi-polar.  People could wake up in the early morning and be wearing a light jacket, but around 10 o’clock there was a sudden urge to peel off clothing and lay in front of a fan.  The mornings were still cool here in Massachusetts, cool enough to wear a light jacket into work and possibly have the heat on just high enough to take away the crisp air on your morning commute.

It wasn’t 7:30 am yet, but I was already itching to drive to work.  Something about summer makes anyone have more energy.  There’s the sunshine that brings you to life.  That, and the night before with a guy that has been peaking my interest.  We were finally intimate with each other last night, and the endorphins are running through me.  Who could sleep after the magical moment finally happened?  The moment you have always dreamed of that you had orchestrated in your head each intricate detail.  You know, the moment that you knew details from the exact wardrobe you’d be wearing to the romantic words spoken from his soft lips before pressing them on yours to the exact way of how he’d be removing the clothing off you.

Of course, it doesn’t always go how you planned it.  Sometimes it happens sooner than it was planned.  Or laugh about an embarrassing moment and you think “Oh God, I really hope this doesn’t break the moment.”  It’s imperfectly perfect though.  Life can hit you that way.  The moment that you always wait for will happen when it’s supposed to and we have a choice:  to be satisfied with the outcome or wallow in self pity.

So as you can see, I’m excited about driving to work today.  My distracted little head is not even caring that I’m up this early to go to my mundane job.  It’s too busy replaying the imperfectly perfect moment over and over, sending the chills up my spine and the butterflies jumping in my stomach.  My heart is still racing.  My brain feels foggy.  My eyes look terrible from the lack of sleep, but my energetic cloud-9 spirit is making up for it.  I’m ecstatic to be alive, to be able to feel something so pure.  I think I’m in love.

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Chapter One: The Green Light
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Chapter Two: Coffee Ready
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Chapter 3: Magic 8 Details 00:00:00

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  1. Charming

    Not my type of stories, to be frank. But, well written and very visual. Descriptive of the locals and scenes.

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