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This shore of river believes all the happiness, peace ¬†and prosperity are in the other shore. When we have teeth, we normally don’t realize its value but regret when we lose them. Manjeet, a lovely girl, loves Anil, her childhood friend. Manjeet is a shy, self-control and high moral girl but Anil is little open. They enjoy each other’s company and grows deep love. In college Anil gets trapped in the love-web of Anupama, another beautiful and charming girl. Anil rejects Manjeet and accepts Anupama as his life. Though Manjeet feels sad but doesn’t forget him rather has high expectations that he will surely come back to her. Anil and Anupama starts living in live-together relationship after completing their MBA. Both are busy in job but not satisfied with it as the job was outdoor selling and marketing. Anupama uses her body and beauty to attract her young manager to get a good job. She gets success. But Anil discovers the betrayal and starts living separately. Anil regrets for losing the true love of Manjeet who is now a lecturer in a govt. college. Tries to contact her and she welcomes him as the door of her heart was always waiting for him.

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  1. Intriguing Beginning

    The ideas presented in this “short story” would be great if it didn’t read like an outline to an actual short story. I highly recommend taking this and writing it out with dialogue added and a clear plot.

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