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Originally written as a stage musical, this story, How Darrel Met Karen, has been transformed into a short story. Loosely based on a true story, Darrel and Sigfried are two friends in a bar in Oklahoma. For them, each day is the same. Done with monotony, Darrel decides he wants something more out of life: a companion. That’s when he meets, Karen, the most beautiful woman in the world.

This is the winning entry for our Valentine Short Love Story Competition. Note that all entries into our competition category are available to read for Free on penpee.com. Checkout all of our Latest short story contests

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How Darrel Met Karen
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  1. Love Eternal

    I was impressed with the complex commentary on love that came through in such a short story.

    The inevitability of romance; romantic love, between Darrel and Karen. How taking changes can sometimes land you with an eternal love. The care of family. The familial bond between Darrel and his children, who support each other no matter how far appart they are. While this is a romance between Darrel and Karen, there is a deeper bond, a stronger love story: Darrel and his best friend, Sigfried. Best friends are important, and that kind of love (as friends, Sigfried will chime in!) is just as important as romantic entanglements.

    As any good short story, they’re a nice twist at the end which surprised me. Very unexpected. Along with the musical elements, it makes the story very unique.

  2. Very Silly!

    Put a smile on my face.

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