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Creed was born out of a pod or rather created with implanted genetic memories and a random seed of genetics with noise generated by the creator to help direct the flow of its creation to an extent as to not impede serendipity but to have maximum exponential growth with out upsetting the balance or going in the red as I like to call it. He was many of an experiment ongoing throughout the endless collective consciousness to solve some problems in the minds of the people that created it think of it as a dream that becomes to real and that there creation come to no special end and they art really rooting for him only to solve using him to in a full fledged attempt to solve a problem in there minds of minds.

How best to keep that 8 percent growth going.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the collective mind and fearing implosion beyond control the put all there efforts into stopping the implosion for the next iteration. With 8 fall backs and 8 levels of redundancy built into this character.

Eventually this leads the character to go to space from his fantasy life inside the simulation and control space navigation with a connection to the collective consciousness and discovers alien races and more.

Story content

Chapter 1 The Creed
Page 1 Details 00:03:00
Page 2 Details 00:04:00
Chapter 2 The Day
Page 3 Details 00:03:00
Page 4 Details 00:04:00
Chapter 3 The Evening
Page 5 Details 00:03:00
Page 6 Details 00:01:00
Chapter 4 Waking in the Hauler
Page 7 Details 00:07:00
Page 8 Details 00:08:00
Chapter 5 The Dreaming wont stop
Page 9 Details 00:06:00
Page 10 Details 00:06:00

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