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Anyone who took one look at Cassie Murrays could tell that she was not just any girl.

No. One look and you could tell that she—blond hair, blue eyes with an unmatched smile—was the epitome of flawlessness. She was the daughter of everything good under the sky, the embodiment of an angel. She was absolutely faultless. She was perfection reincarnated.

She was everything anyone could ever want. Unerring beauty, a golden heart, intellect that doesn’t just reflect in academics but also in social situations.

She led the most perfect life.

Well, at least she did. Everything was sunshine and rainbows, until her parents died in a tragic flash fire in the middle of the night and Cassie was sent away from her small town to heaven-knows- where.

No, no. Not heaven.

Hell. That was what her life had become after watching her house collapse and crumble along with her knees and world.

Because Cassie Murrays was only a teenage girl when she watched her parents die. Because Cassie Murrays was only pulled out a second before the columns of her house came flaming down. Because Cassie Murrays was only so human and her life could only be so perfect.

It was pitiful, because Cassie Murrays did nothing wrong.

All she did was start a fire.

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Chapter One
Chapter One: The Fire Details 00:00:00
Chapter Two
Chapter Two: The Reason Details 00:00:00
Chapter Three
Chapter Three: The Boy Details 00:00:00

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