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Short story competition

penpee.com 2016-2017 Short story competition, Enter for free to win $100 in our short story competition.

$100 prize

Short story competition #001 ( 2000 words )


Prize: $100 |  2000 words |  Entry close by date: 31 Jan; 2017 | Prize Payout 28 Feb; 2017


Enter our quarterly short story competition for a chance to win $100.

To enter, make sure you are a registered member and have signed up as a writer. Post your short story of no more than 2000 words and no less than 100 words prologue


Your story can be in any genre – Adult, Romance, Thriller,fan fiction, Horror e.t.c

Entries to this competition will close by midnight on 31st January 2017 and winner will be announced on the 28st of February 2017 and will have until 5th of March 2017 to claim their cash prize of $100.

This is a quarterly competition and will run 4 times in a year.

Note that unlike all other short stories on penpee.com, whereby  you earn credit which  can be converted to cash each time someone new read a chapter of your story, all entries to the short story competition will be available to read for FREE on penpee.com and no convertible credits will be issued. Only the winning entry will get the cash prize.



  • Entries are open to only registered writers on penpee.com. (Basic  writer membership is FREE)
  • This competition is open to everyone irrespective of your age, background or where you reside in the world.
  • Writers can submit as many entries as possible but there can only be 1 winner.
  • Each entry must be submitted with a clear cover image
  • Penpee does not allow multiple accounts per user. Failure to abide by this condition means your account can be suspended without prior notice and you may be ban from using our website again
  • Plagiarism is not allowed anywhere on our site. Failure to comply will result in automatic ban from ever using our site
  • Your entry must be submitted before midnight 31st January 2017.
  • Winner will be contacted via email
  • The cash prize of $100 must be claimed within 48 hours
  • No employee of penpee may participate in this competition

Useful Tip:

One winning entry will be selected from the top 5 most read, most commented and most reviewed stories by our editorial team.

For any question please comment to the relevant competion post on our facebook page facebook.com/penpeebooks


  1. Does writing make you and author(s) does a song make you famous? What is the worth to travel a distance and never get there ?

  2. I still don’t know how to write my story

  3. How do I upload a story for the competition?

  4. I’m just trying out in writing a short story!

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