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  • “Guy, I see Tolu oh!”

    “Tolu? Who is Tolu? Wait, wait, wait, it’s a lie! Tolu! Miss Nipples, Miss fuck me if you can, Tolu? Guy you sure?”

    “Banky, it was her, live!”

    Benjamin was on the phone with his clos […]

  • “How are you feeling now” Ify asked him. “Feeling very much better now, all I need now is a glass of water to get my energy back” he replied. They were at home now, he had just feigned toilet activity and was […]

  • Benjamin once heard Chris Rock joke that women had harder hearts than men, Chris Rock said that a woman could stand in the same room with her husband and five other men that she had fucked and not skip a heartbeat […]

    He wondered how long he could cope with this way of living, getting home late from a job that he did not love, then having to go through the hassles of Lagos traffic. He was certain that at this pace, […]

  • Folaji woke up to the loudspeakers of the church in the compound next to his, he thought he had been dreaming, because the words of whoever was talking, were almost like they were in his head. He cringed in his […]

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    Bunmi covered in a corner of his room, terrified. He had failed his exams at school again and remembered dreadfully what happened the last time he came home with a bad result from school, he had been […]

  • Bunmi stared out the window sitting at the back of the cab, heading farther away from the Island. He was glad he had the Cab driver’s card. The darkness looked so peaceful this early in the morning, he felt l […]

  • Bunmi’s phone rang exactly 30mins later, Tunde was at the gate already. Bunmi went to get him. As he opened the greeted Tunde, he immediately looked around behind Tunde , just to be sure Tunde was alone and no one […]

  • Bunmi opened his eyes slowly like he was awakening from sleep, his brain trying to comprehend what his eyes were adjusting to. He was seated naked on a chair, still trying to figure out where he was why he was, […]

  • Bunmi got out of the cab, picked his bags and went to his gate.

  • In a cab on his way home, Bunmi had wanted to call Daniel his driver to come pick him up but thought not to bother him.

  • He looked at his watch for the umpteenth time, there was still no information as to when his flight to the UK would be ready. It had been scheduled for 1pm that afternoon, but now almost 3pm, here he still was at […]

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