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How it works

Read Free short stories online, write and post your own short stories and get paid for them at Penpee.com

How it works

Read short stories on penpee.com, write your own story and get paid for every chapter each time it is read by a new person

penpee.com make publishing your short stories easier and getting paid for them quicker.

No longer do you have to be a celebrity in order to get published, recognised and earn revenue from your interesting stories.  Just like Spotify pays royalties to music artists, penpee is empowering everyone to earn royalties from their short stories.

We have combined some of the most frequently asked questions for you. If you do not find an answer , then like us on Facebook.com/penpeebooks and chat with us right there.


How do I register?

You can only register through Facebook simply by clicking on the Facebook button in the popup of the Login link above (make sure you have turned off any popup blocker on your browser before you start). Then, once registered, go to edit profile from your dashboard to fill in all the required profile information. You can also change your username through the settings. It is easier and takes less than three minutes to become a member and start reading our short stories.

How do I become a writer?

You need to first register as above, then you will be able to upgrade your account to a writers account immediately through your account dashboard after registration.

NOTE: All writers account require admin approval and you will not be able to write until we have reviewed and approved your account. To make it smooth, make sure that you have a valid profile photo of your self, not an avatar. Also ensure that you have edited your profile and filled in all the required profile information.

Everyone need to select a membership plan, even if you are just a reader. There is a starter plan that costs nothing. You can begin to read as soon as you are registered. Only writers account require approval.

What are the various writer’s membership plans?

On Penpee.com we have three types of plan for writers.

1. Starter
2. Basic
3. Premium

Starter: Membership is FREE. Post 1 story per month. Maximum of 7200 words spanning a maximum of 6 chapters and a maximum of 1200 words per page. You will earn 45% lifetime revenue on every credit spent reading each chapter of your stories. You will not get on the leaderboard contest. Reader’s token is required each time you want to post a story

BASIC: Membership is £2.99 every 6 months. Post Unlimited short stories. Maximum of 7200 words spanning a maximum of 6 chapters and a maximum of 1200 words per page. You will earn 55% lifetime revenue on every credit spent reading each chapter of your stories. You do not require reader’s token to post your story.

PREMIUM: Membership cost £7 every 6 months. Post Unlimited short stories. Maximum of 12000 words spanning a maximum of 10 chapters with a maximum of 1200 words per page. You will earn 75% lifetime revenue on every credits spent reading each chapter of your stories. You will also be able to promote your fictional books on Amazon by sharing teasers with our readers. You will be downgraded to BASIC whenever your membership is not renewed. You do not require reader’s token to post your story.

PENPEE PRIME (UK): This membership is only available in UK. Do not subscribe to it unless you have a physical address in the UK.

Membership cost £3.99/month and it is available to try free for the first two months upon payment of the £1.99 activation fee.

Like the premium membership, Penpee prime users can post unlimited short stories. Maximum of 12000 words spanning a maximum of 10 chapters with a maximum of 1200 words per page. You will earn 75% lifetime revenue on every credits spent reading each chapter of your story. You will also be able to promote your fiction books on Amazon by sharing teasers with our readers.

Exclusive to Penpee prime members is the added option to subscribe to mini-series booklets of selected stories which is delivered through the post. You will be able to follow the story with each series coming as a booklet delivered to your door three times a month accompanied with appetizer such as cookies, chocolate, coffee, e.t.c to munch on while you read. You also have the exclusivity to read the series online a week after it has been delivered to your home. Imagine Penpee prime like reading EastEnders or Hollyoaks every week.


Membership plan screenshot

How can I get FREE credits?

You get free welcome credits when you signup. Other ways to earn free credits are: By inviting your friends with your referral link, report a plagiarised story you see on our website to us, and you also earn free credits each day you log-in. Best of all, each time you read a new story, make sure you rate and review it and you might win up to 50 credits for the best supporting review.

Leader board

In addition to the convertible credits earned when your stories are read, the writers of the most read and engaged short stories will earn cash bonus Likewise, we reward the top 10 readers at the end of the month with bonus credits.

Only basic and premium writers will rank on the Leaderboard to get a chance in the monthly bonus rewards for the top 3 best read & engaged short story writers. Writers with starter accounts will not appear on the Leaderboard.

Challenge group: This is a dedicated group for the leaderboard. You must be a member of this group before you can rank on the Leaderboard when your story is read. Request to join this group now if you have a qualified account or upgrade your account.

Friendship invitation: Each month, a basic writer can invite 1 friend while a premium writer can invite 5 friends to the challenge group, automatically granting that friend an opportunity to rank on the leaderboard for the bonus, regardless of their membership type. When a starter accepts an invitation, their access in the group will only last a month. They can seek to be invited again by a privileged friend.

Premium writers earn £1.50 x “N”. Basic writers earn £0.50 X “N”. Where “N” is Days on leaderboard.

How much can a writer earn on the leader board?

Premium writers will earn a £1.50 bonus for each day they are ranked on the leader board. Basic writers will earn a £0.50 bonus for each day they are ranked on the leader board.

When can I access the bonus?

The bonus will be reflected in your account at the end of each month.

Does everyone on the leader board get the bonus?

No, it is only paid to the writers that made it to the top three at the end of the month.

I made it to the top ten writers, can I get the bonus?

Bonuses are only paid to the top three writers for now. We aim to expand this gradually to the top 100 in the near future. Keep checking back.

I was in the top three before but I no longer appear there?

It is very competitive. Appearing in top three today does not guarantee you will be there tomorrow.

How can I be consistent on the leader board?

Write good stories, share with your friends on social media, and invite your friends to read your stories. The more people that read your story, the more likelihood you will be there.

How do I post my short stories?


The following is a YouTube video showing you just how to post your short story on penpee.com. It takes less than 5minutes and we recommend it to all writers. It makes everything easier for you to understand.

Who owns the copyright to stories published on penpee

Copyright remains yours, and you also retain the right to use your own work in ways that would not conflict directly with our efforts to disseminate it. See the full copyright information at the footer of this page

What is the difference between a writer and a reader?

A writer has an added advantage to post stories on the website

What do you mean by ‘’story by the chapter’’?

This means stories are posted one chapter after the other and you get paid each time a chapter of your story is read

Do I need to complete the entire story before posting?

On Penpee.com, stories are posted by the chapter, hence, having a complete story before posting does not matter. Once you finished a chapter, you can post it and start earning from it while you are still thinking of how to write the next chapter. Further more, you’ll be able to engage with the readers, read their reviews and know what they are expecting of you in your next chapter.

What categories can I write on?

There are variety of sections to write on Penpee.com ranging from Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Humour, Fiction, Romance, Spiritual and a host of others. There is no limit to what you can write

Can I sign up as both a writer and a reader?

Signing up as a writer automatically affords you the opportunity to read stories online. Readers can upgrade to a writer status on their profile page.


Do you verify writers?

We accept all writing jobs once you sign-up as a writer or upgrade to a writer status but your work will not be published until we have verified you are who you say you are. This is necessary to avoid pirating and plagiarism. All writers are expected to upload a profile picture of themselves (Not photos of your dog)

Why have I lost my writer’s status?

This could occur if your membership fee has expired without renewal or when your profile picture was removed because it does not meet our photo quality standards or if you have removed your profile photo. We do not approve people without profile photos as writers on penpee.com. We could have also removed your writer’s status if we had provisionally approved you as a writer but you did not update your profile photo within the stipulated time frame. If none of those reasons is applicable to you, then you may have violated one of our policies. Contact us to request a review.

If you are a basic writer and have not written any story within 3 months of registration, your basic writer’s status will automatically expire and once expired you wont be able to get it back ever.

Can my basic writer’s status expire if I have published at least one story within 3 months of registration?

No, your basic writer’s status will not expire if you have a published story within three months of registration. It is advisable not to sign up as a basic writer unless you are sure you will write a story within three months of registration.

Can I change my username?

Yes, you can. Login and go to settings to change your username.

How much credits do I earn each time my story is read?

You earn up to 2.25 credits which is 75% of 3 credits for each chapter of your story that is read by a new person. 3 credits is worth 6 pence (£0.06)

Do I earn credits by publishing teasers of my Amazon books on penpee.com?

No. The essence of sharing teasers with our readers is to help promote your books to them. We give them the option to buy it on Amazon if they like the teaser.

How do you differentiate between short stories and teasers?

With short stories, we do not provide any external link for our users to go purchase them elsewhere. A teaser is an excerpt with the intent to help you build awareness and draw attention to the full book on external site, in this case Amazon.

How soon can I begin to earn from my story?

You earn once your story is read. We inform our community and your followers when you post a new story or a new chapter. You can also share the link to your story on your social media accounts.

Will you accept my story?

At Penpee.com we do not reject stories. We thrive on distinction. Once we verify your story is not pirated or plagiarised, your story will be accepted. Communication is key and we give everyone an equal platform to express themselves through creativity. If your story has ever been rejected elsewhere, penpee wont reject you. So, feel free to share your story through the eyes of penpee.

If you accept any story, how do you distinguish between the standard of work?

We classify works based on standard and grammatical context. We will apply quality standard filter to every work from A, A+ to D. With an A+ rating indicating the top most level of professionalism and quality of the writer’s work. So if you are not comfortable reading works of a C or D rated writer, you can use the filter. We rate each story and not each writer.

What is “Unclassified” in the quality standard?

We group stories that have not gone through our editorial team for review as unclassified. We review stories again from time to time to reclassify them.

Would you review my story for free?

Sure, we review all stories before they are published on our site and we will tell you if your story would be better with proper editing or if it just needs a bit of editing. This does not mean we won’t accept your story, but your content and standard will be used to determine the quality standard rating we use to grade your story

Would you edit my story for FREE?

No, we no longer edit your story for free but we will offer a soft edit of your story for $7 per every thousand words. This is crazily cheap because we are in business to encourage reading and writing. It is just a passion to us and our passion is our business. This does not mean we won’t accept your story but your content and standard will be used to determine the quality standard rating we grade your story

Would you create a cover image for me for FREE?

No. We no longer create cover images for you for free but we will design a very basic cover for your story for $7. If you are interested, contact our creative department.

Do you have a standard size for story image?

Ensure that your story image is high resolution and less than 200KB. The height must be at least 1.5 times bigger than the width. Minimum width is 300px. We will reject any story cover that does not look good enough.

Could you publish my story if the cover image is not yet ready?

We wont publish any story without a cover image. The first thing we look out for in every submission is the cover image and we wont even review your story without a cover image.

How much does it cost to read a chapter of my story?

A maximum of 3 credits which is an equivalent of 0.06pence (6 pence). The writer can choose to make the story free.

How can I get FREE credits?

You get free credits when you sign-up. Other ways to earn free credits are: invite your friends with your referral link, log in into your account, or report a plagiarised story you see on our website.

Can I read a story for FREE?

A lot of our stories are free. We encourage writers to provide free-to-read stories to the community in order to get people warmed up to their stories. You can send a message to a writer to request free access if you like the writer’s story.

Why do I require credits to read a story?

Penpee.com’s approach is to give worthy recognition to the work of writers, and we use credit as an incentive to them in order to energise them to keep writing. We will give an incentive to you too if you wish to write. Penpee encourages the world to write and not fight. We make the credits cheap so that everyone can afford them so you can possibly accumulate, in a day or even hours, as our network grows, enough credits to feed an entire household in Africa or buy your groceries.

What’s the exchange rate per credits to dollars?

If 50 credits = £1. Then 3 credits will be £0.06 (6 pence) and 1 credit will be £0.02 (2 pence)

Why do you charge so low when eBooks cost a lot more?

Because we are passionate about reading and we want the world to start reading and writing again, we will be secluding a large section of the world from reading your work if we charge too high. Besides, our rate is fair compare to the average £0.99 which you will pay to buy ebooks on Amazon. Lets to do that. If an average ebook of 50,000 words on Amazon cost £0.99 ,this means at every 6000 words you are earning £0.11 on Amazon. Penpee charges £0.30 for the same 6000 words.

Penpee.com is making it even more exciting to earn better through gamification of your activities thereby adding more value to your content for writers and resulting in rewards for everyone. This approach has led to the birth of badges.

New-What are badges?

Badges are our ways of rewarding you for reading short stories on penpee.com

New-How many types of badges are there on penpee.com?

We have loads and are introducing even more but you may not know the true color or value of a badge until you earned it.

New-How do I earn badges?

You earn badges automatically by reading the short stories on penpee.com

New-How soon can I earn a badge?

They come at various stages and levels while you are reading stories.

New-I have been reading but I haven’t received any badge?

It is not instantaneous. It may show up hours or even days later if you warrant it. Badges come at different levels and those levels are a secret.

New-What can I do with a badge?

– You use your badges to participate in our short story contests to win cash prizes of any value from £25 up to £1000 and you use to badge to get your story featured.

New-Can I gift my badge to someone else?

Sure, you can give a gift of badge to your friends and family. Just get them to open an account with us and  contact us to transfer all or some of your badge to them.

How can I get my story featured on the homepage?

You can get your story featured on the homepage and the category page for two weeks with a badge or for 7 credits for a week. Contact admin if you wish to feature your story.

Can I participate in contest if I am not a registered writer?

No! You will need a writer’s account to participate in our contests. Don’t worry  though, basic writer membership is still free.


Why was my writer’s account declined?

If your Facebook account is less than  one year old, your writer’s account will be declined.

My writer’s account was suspended. Can I register for a new writers account?

You can only register ones as a writer and once suspended you wont be approved again. Don’t hold your breath if you get through because we review accounts from time to time.

What is the meaning of the + sign behind the cash prize?

Whenever you see a + sign behind a cash prize, it simply means the basic prize pot will increase by 5% or other percentage value (depending on the contest rules) of the current prize pot whenever a new, unique person submits an entry into the contest.

For example, a 5% for a starting prize pot of £50 means the starting prize pot of £50 will be activated when the first entry is submitted by a unique person and the prize will increase by £2.50, i.e 5% of £50 to a total of £52.50 when another person submits an entry and the next unique entry will increase the prize pot by £2.63 to a total of £55.125 and so on.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

You can request withdrawal at anytime as soon as you have accumulated £5 or more in earnings.

How do I get paid?

We can transfer payments directly to most bank accounts around the world through worldremit and we can also pay you via PayPal.

How much is your withdrawal fees?

We charge 5% commission on total amount you wish to withdraw.

Can I have two accounts?

No member is permitted to have any more than one account. We reserve the right to suspend both your accounts if this rule is violated.

Do you verify my ID?

We will verify your ID before your first payment is released to you and we also do random checks from time to time.

How do I pay to read a story?

Any story that requires credit will display the credit amount. Just click and it will automatically deduct the credit from your balance

How do I buy credits?

You buy credits from our credit store HERE or through your profile page.

Can I transfer my credits to someone else?

You can transfer your credits or part of your credits to someone else. If you appreciate the work of a writer, you can even choose to gift some of your credits to them.

What happens if I don’t like a story?

If you don’t like a story, you don’t have to read the next chapter. You will only use credit for the chapter you have read unless it is free.

I found a story on the internet. Can I post it here?

Piracy..run ,run, run! It is a criminal offense to post a story that was not written by you or which you do not have the writer’s permission to post. We do not accept plagiarised work either. Both these offenses are punishable by law. It will result in your account suspension and we will report offenders to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

My story has been plagiarised. How do I report?

If you identify any plagiarised/pirated story in our system, report with proof to our admin at support@penpee.com. We will reward you with credits just to say thank you.

Why must a writer add a profile picture?

We would like to know who our writers are

What is the minimum age to use penpee.com?

All members including writers should be at least 16 years old.

Can I work for Penpee?

Penpee recruits staff from all around the world. But to work for us, you must know what we do and to know what we do you must have been using our service for a while. That is our ethos

Where are you based

Penpee.com, a short story service and PageLook.com, a free email service, are part of Penpee Ltd and is based in England and registered in England and Wales with the company registration number 07517023.

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